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What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing method using ink forced through a stencil on to a substrate and is the most common and economical way to print on t-shirts. With this method we make a different screen for each color of your design and then print each color on your shirt one at a time. The end result is your graphic on the shirt the way you would see it on the computer. The prints are long lasting and durable even through many washes.

What is the smallest order you will accept?

Our regular pricing starts at 24 pieces, however we can print a minimum of 6 pieces at a higher price due to the time spent setting up the job.

What are your hours of operation?

We typically answer the phones M-F 9am-5pm and emails all day long. Pick ups can be arranged by appointment.

How fast can you have my order ready?

5 to 10 business days is our average turn around time. This time frame can vary depending on the size of the job and how many orders we are currently working on.

Rush Charges:

For rush charges we operate on the less 7 day-add-5 % system:

Every day less than 7 business days is an additional 5% on the job.

Example: If an order is needed in 5 business days, add 10%

If an order is needed in 3 business days, add 20%

When does your typical 7 day turnaround begin?

When we have received your final artwork approval, a  deposit is arranged (best method is a Interac Email Money Transfer), as well as when the garments have arrived at our shop. Turn around time may be delayed further in the case of the wholesaler being out of stock of a particular item.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept cash, certified cheques, email money transfers or you can pay us through PayPal. Unfortunately we do not take credit cards at this time.

Can the client provide the shirts?

We have no problem with you providing your own shirts for printing, however purchasing them through East Island can save you money and hassle, as it is easy for us to order them and have them shipped to our shop directly from our wholesalers.

What can I do to get the cost down for my order?

1) Get to our next price break or increase your quantities

2) Print in fewer locations on the garments with fewer colors

3) Choose more economical garments

4) Simplify your artwork

How do I prepare my illustrator file for printing?

First, leave your artwork in layers so that we can more easily separate the artwork. Also, outline your fonts by following these steps:

1) Open your art file.

2) Unlock all layers and objects.

3) Select everything.

4) Go to the “Type” menu and select “Create Outlines”.

5) All of your fonts should be converted to vectors so that you can save and send over.

What is an Under-base?

An under-base is a layer of white ink that is printed under the other ink colors when printing on dark garments. When printing most colors on dark garments without using an under-base, the color of the shirt will show through the ink, influencing the color of the ink. For instance, yellow ink printed directly on a royal blue shirt will look green. To prevent this, an under-base of white ink is printed, then flash dried, and the yellow is printed on top. This gives the top colors full opacity.


How many colors can you print?

We can print up to 6 colors, including a white under-base if the job necessitates your design to be on dark garments. We can also do CMYK printing if your design has many colors but it will depend on the design?.


If I want to place a re-order do I have to pay for the setup again?

We keep all of your films on file for 1 year. However, due to job turnaround we need to re-use our screens for every job, so the screen setup fee will be charged again in the event of a re-order.

For any further questions or concerns please send us an email or give us a call.



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